A New Start

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for awhile now. In reality, I have a couple times now. Both times life got in the way from fully dedicating the time to write quality posts. Not this time. Seriously. I believe documentating one’s experiences and challenges in life is a rewarding activity (for both parties). I don’t remember how many time’s over the past year and a half of my professional career I’ve looked for the same exact blog to do the same exact thing that I’ve forgotten for the 10th time. Hopefully I could be that resource for another individual on their 10th attempt to complete a task. If not hopefully I can be at least a source of entertainment.

Anyway, this blog will be focused on my life as a software engineer, with some personal asides thrown in. You can expect mostly opinions on technical subjects, documentation on how I completed/implemented X, how X tool helped me be more productive, how X tool sucks, etc. Just don’t be surprised when random posts are thrown in about books I’ve read, trips I’ve taken, or other personal life stories get grouped in. Looking forward to having anyone along for the journey - if not, future me, here’s to recording what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced. I know reflecting on it will be more than worth it.